Thursday 1st 1pm and 3.30pm
Friday 2nd 1pm
Saturday 3rd 1pm
Sunday 4th 3.30pm

Monday 5th 1pm and 3.30pm
Tuesday 6th 3.30pm
Wednesday 7th 10.30am 1pm and 3.30pm
Thursday 8th 10.30am 1pm and 3.30pm
Friday 9th 10.30 and 1pm
Saturday 10th 1pm
Sunday 11th 1pm

Monday 12th 1pm
Tuesday 13th 1pm and 3.30pm
Wednesday 14th 1pm and 3.30pm
Thursday 15th 1pm and 3.30pm
Friday 16th 1pm and 3.30pm
Saturday 17th 1pm
Sunday 18th 1pm

Monday 19th 1pm
Tuesday 20th 1pm
Wednesday 21st 1pm and 3.30pm
Thursday 22nd 1pm and 3.30pm
Friday 23rd 1pm
Saturday 24th No public sailings
Sunday 25th 1pm and 3.30pm

Monday 26th 1pm
Tuesday 27th 1pm
Wednesday 28th 1pm
Thursday 29th 1pm
Friday 30th 3.30pm
Saturday 31st 3.30pm

At this time of year all sailings run subject to demand so please call the office on 01692630262 to check availability and reserve seats. Due to the measures we have implemented, in line with the governments Covid guidance booking is essential. Payment will be taken by card as you board and boarding begins 15 minutes before departure. Well behaved dogs are welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you on board.

We kindly request should you be unable to make your booking please do call the office as soon as you can so we can re-advertise the seats, Many Thanks.